Aisle-by-Aisle Shopping

An aisle-by-aisle grocery list will save steps at the store and curtail impulse spending. Also save money with coupons reminders printed on your list and sales information printed on your list.

To save money right now, keep in mind that you can extend your trial indefinitely, year by year.

Full-featured full-year trial.

One-Year Trial
Only $22

One-time lifetime purchase.

One-Time Purchase
Only $44

IMPORTANT: Immediately after you pay, click on the special one-time log on link that displays next, and log on. That will complete the transaction and verify that you can log on. After that you can log on normally at the log on page. This email logon allows you or any family member or friend to logon to the program from any computer anywhere. We keep your email confidential. We do not share any of your information with anyone. Your use of this site online is private.

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